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HHA @ Race for the Rescues!

It was an amazing morning on October 15th for the Agoura Animal Shelter HHA Race Team! Over $15K was raised for Healthcare for Homeless Animals by our racers and couch potatoes!

Thank you to all who donated to support our team, to our couch potatoes, and our Racers from left to right: Oren (who took a first place medal in her age group!), her Mom Tamy (HHA Board), Angie (HHA Board) w Odie, Kathy (Agoura Volunteer), Officer Kelly, Sara Joy (Malibu Coast Animal Hospital), Jenn (HHA Board), Cassie (Agoura Volunteer) with Harper, Officer Yazmine, Agoura Shelter Manager Denise with Charlie, Irene (HHA Board), Jackie (Agoura Volunteer), and Cathy (Agoura Volunteer).

Thanks to Race for the Rescues for choosing HHA to participate in this amazing event!

Holiday Boutique raises funds for HHA!

On December 13th, 2014, HHA held their 4th annual Holiday Boutique at the Agoura Animal Shelter. A constant flow of attendees made for a very successful event which raised over $3000 for homeless pets in need of medical care at the shelter!

Thank you to Tim HHA VP who funded the tent for the event and to Janice and Disney for their matching cash donation!

Thank you to our Agoura Animal Shelter volunteers who helped with the event and to the following vendors:

  • Bernadette Cairins: gorgeous clothing and jewelry
  • Ashley Kahrs: Home*Marriage*Lil Ones now known as Scott and Ella (etsy and facebook): adorable baby clothes and accessories
  • Larry Garfinkel: Agoura Animal Shelter volunteer: Stunning art wood pieces
  • Karen Heisser: DoTerra Essential Oils
  • Yvette Nipar: Be So Do So-tshirts "Sharing Peace One Shirt at a Time" (
  • Annette Reich: Animal and Sports Themed Mini Xmas Trees
  • Westerly: jewelry and satchels
  • Poeina Suddarth: creative jewelry and accessories (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)
  • And last but not least Nana! Whose fans came out to have pictures taken with her to benefit HHA! Thank you Mama Stephanie! "Nana's Journey" Blog Spot and "Nana the Earless Pibble" on Facebook

Holiday House Party raises funds for HHA!

On Dec 3rd 2014 our former President Robin and her husband Ken hosted a fund raiser in their home for Healthcare for Homeless Animals It was a wonderful evening attended by neighbors, friends, and fellow Agoura Animal Shelter volunteers who shopped the night away to benefit medically needy homeless animals. Thank you to Larry Garfinkel for donating his gorgeous wood art pieces for sale. Also thanks go to Bernadette Cairins with her beautiful jewelry and clothing and Ashley Kahrs proprietor of Home*Marriage*Lil Ones (now known as Scott and Ella)... Baby Accessories and clothing who donated a portion of their sales to HHA. The successful evening raised almost $3000 for HHA! Thank you Robin and Ken!

Pictured from left to right: Marian, Agoura Volunteer, Robin past President of HHA and Director Emeritus, Jenn current President of HHA, and Denise Rosen Manager of the Agoura Animal Shelter

Woofstock Malibu! Peace, love and muddy paws, all for a good cause!
Woofstock Malibu a Huge Success!

We are thrilled to announce that the first annual Woofstock Malibu held on April 27th, 2014, raised over $30,000 for Healthcare for Homeless Animals! Special thanks to Malibu Coast Animal Hospital for hosting this event for HHA...we are grateful for your support and for the care the staff of MCAH give day in and day out to the medically needy Agoura Shelter animals funded under the HHA.

The Woofstock event brought out a huge crowd who enjoyed great food provided by Senor Pansas Tacos, Jersey Dogs, and Los Lobos Food truck, wonderful vendors including Max Bone, Bernadette Carins Jewelry, Driftwood Creations, and Holly Riddle Designs, along with our amazing sponsors Cliffside Malibu, Peaceful Pets Aquamation, Royal Canin, James Pearse, In Situ Foundation (dogs detecting cancer) along with Bo the Rattlesnake man, Idexx, Merial, One Gun Ranch, Novartis, Swing House, Doggie Dream Box, Gallagher Staging and Production, Robert Cabral and Bound Angels, Cindy Landon, Malibu Pet Care, CURE Medical Spa, Jennifer Naylor Catering, Elanco Animal Health, Veterinary Pet Insurance, K9Gym, Elite Generators, Bank of America Mlibu, The Lucky Lab, Boehringer Ingelheim, Gordon Bowers Printing, California Animal Rehab (CARE), Malibu Gallery, Access, ASEC, Zoetis, Harry Schein, Pet Safe, Earth Rated, DJ Luke Campbell, Nutramax Laboratories, MWI Veterinary Supply, Dog to Dog and Pacific Coast Pets.

Thanks also to all our auction donors, Ventura County Sheriff K-9 unit, the Malibu High School Animal Clubs and the amazing bands...The Roman Helmets, Petty Cash, and Little Ceaser as well as our fabulous emcees Brad Garrett and Joe Reitman!. Huge thank you to all who attended the Woofstock Malibu event!

A huge Thank you to Calabasas Rotary, sponsor of the Canine Classic which took place on April 27th, 2014. A dog walk and adoption event with animal vendors and an auction raised a portion of their funds for Healthcare for Homeless Animals.

We are grateful to Calabasas Rotary for their support!

We are pleased to announce new board member Irene who took over the Secretary position in December, 2013. Irene has volunteered at the Agoura Animal Shelter for 3 years and recently retired from her medical practice. Irene has jumped in whole-heartedly, writing grants (over $12,000 granted thus far to HHA thanks to Irene!), co-chairing the recent Woofstock auction, and firing off thank-yous to our wonderful supporters! We are thrilled to have Irene on the HHA board!

We say good bye to Lois who served as Secretary and co-chaired the Bless the Beasts and the Children event for the last two years, as well as writing grants helping to bring in well over $50,000 for medically needy animals at the Agoura Animal Shelter. While Lois will no longer be serving on the board, she continues to support and fund raise for HHA, recently helping with the Woofstock Malibu Auction and the Canine Classic event sponsored by Calabasas Rotary both benefiting HHA.

Thank you, Lois, for all you have done
and continue to do for HHA!

Bingo at the LAB Wins Big-Time!

Thank you to everyone who attended the Third Annual Lab Brewing Company fundraiser. With a matching gift from The Walt Disney Company, 15% of the house, and your generousity, we raised $2440 for animals in need of medical at the Agoura Animal Shelter! Huge thanks once again to LAB Brewing Company for their support of HHA!

March 12th, 2014: Bingo and Dinner at the LAB Brewing Company— a wonderful time had by all!

Bless The Beasts Amazes!

We are pleased to announce our recent Bless the Beasts and the Children fundraiser brought in over $25K to Healthcare for Homeless Animals (formerly Malibu Pet Companions).

It was an amazing night with over 350 guests supporting the event. Thank you to HHA board member Lois for chairing another successful BBC!

See the October 2013 HHA Newsletter for more details!

"Whine" Yard Fundraiser Another Smashing Success for HHA!

Big thanks to Tim HHA board member and his wife Janice for organizing another wonderful wine tasting event at the Wine Yard in Thousand Oaks! Total take for the evening including tastings, raffle, and matching donations was $1,522. Thank you to all who attended and the Wine Yard once again for their support and generosity!


The Lab Brewing Co. Second Annual Benefit

The Lab Brewing Co.

Our second annual LAB Brewery event benefiting Malibu Pet Companions was a huge success. We packed the house and received a check for $825 from The Lab! Thank you again to Lab Brewery for their very much appreciated support of Malibu Pet Companions!

Malibu Pet Companions and The Lab Brewery Company came together for a 2nd annual benefit to raise funds for homeless pets!

WHEN: Wednesday, March 27th
WHERE: The Lab Brewery Co.
30105 Agoura Road
TIME: 6:00 p.m. – Closing

Local Pet Store helps Shelter pets at the
Agoura Animal Shelter

Owner Larry Horn and staff reached out to help the Agoura Animal Shelter and HHA during the holidays by asking their customers to donate product to homeless pets. In turn Larry offered his customers a 10% discount on their order as a thank you for their generous donation! Lots of goodies were collected including speciality foods specific to HHA animals receiving treatment for skin conditions. HHA and the Agoura Animal Shelter thanks Love's Pet for their wonderful donation!

Love's Pets
5651 Kanan Road,
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Larry, owner of Love's Pets
Shelley volunteer Agoura Animal Shelter
Robin volunteer and President of Malibu Pet Companions

It All Started with a 15-year-old Mini Pin Named Rusty and His Beloved Journal - How an old pup inspired a unique donation!

No one could believe it. A 100+ year-old (in dog years!) Miniature Pinscher was turned in. Why? We never really know.

Rusty arrived at the shelter at the age of 15 and living at the shelter was very hard for him given his numerous medical problems including heart and neurological issues -- so he entered HHA's hospice foster care.

And what a foster home he got! Rusty lives with a pack that includes dog friends Rocky, Bagel, and Zach and a gaggle of daycare kids who are often found cuddled up with him during nap time. Each day is an adventure and he amazes his foster family with how much he enjoys his new life.

Rusty's foster mom Lisa (pictured above) started a journal to chronicle Rusty's daily exploits (please check out Rusty's blog on our face book page). Shelter volunteers shared the daily entries with friends and family, and it went viral; Rusty became famous. One volunteer, Janet, had a good friend that many years ago raised Miniature Pinschers as show dogs, so she began forwarding the wonderful stories of "Rusty's Journal" to Dr. M.J.

Dr. M.J. loved the emails and couldn't wait to get the next installment. Each one brought a smile to her face and often made her laugh out loud; so much so that she had an idea: Since she could no longer drive, she would donate her car with the proceeds going to HHA in Rusty's honor.

Working with Cars for Causes, Dr. M.J sold her car and brought in over $11,300 for HHA!

Rusty and Dr. M.J. finally met one very special day and Rusty showered her with love and appreciation for her extraordinary gift. He has been so touched by the unconditional love everyone has showered on him in foster care – proving that old guys deserve a second chance too! He believes, "Donations really do help save the ones no one wants – like me."

No animal deserves to feel unwanted (especially in their golden years) or to be dropped off at a shelter to die alone on a concrete floor. HHA is proud that Rusty, through so many wonderful volunteers, has become the ambassador of our hospice foster care program, and has put a face on the plight of homeless senior animals.

Interested in Donating Your Car or Vehicle to HHA? Please contact CARS 4 CAUSES -- the Charity That Gives to Charities at P.O. Box 5730, Ventura, CA 93005-0730 or call (800) 766-2273. They are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to simplifying the process of fundraising for charities and organizations through contributions, and sales of automobiles, boats, trucks, RV's and other items of value.

Donations of gift cards, special food and beds helps HHA!

Often we are in need of special food and beds for animals under medical treatment. We use fish based food for our animals with skin conditions, prescription food for those animals with kidney (crystals) or weight issues and other specific medical conditions. Special beds are often needed for seniors or animals recovering from surgery. Donations such as were brought in by the following generous organizations and children benefit our organization by helping us to provide all their needs while with us at the Agoura Animal Shelter.

Anthem Blue Cross Brings Comfort to Homeless Pets

Always trying to improve the lives of their members and the health of their communities, Anthem Blue Cross proudly supported HHA by hosting an all associate Pet Donation Drive.

Collection barrels were placed in the lobbies of their Thousand Oaks and Woodland Hills offices... and collect they did!

When all was said and done, donation barrels overflowed with:

  • Kirkland canned dog food and Senior and Weight Loss Kibble
  • Friskies and Fancy Feast Pate
  • Dog beds (large and small)
  • Blankets
  • Petco and PetSmart gift cards

The company's corridors were abuzz with excited associates talking about helping HHA continue its mission of providing medical treatment to bring our homeless pets to good health! Thank you for caring, Anthem employees!

A Mitzvah benefits HHA and the Agoura Animal Shelter Animals!

Mel, Anood, and Ashlee with their amazing donation!

The word mitzvah means "commandment or rule" and in the Jewish faith, rules are like traffic lights - they make life easier for people to live. There are mitzvot about food, holidays and prayers, honesty, how to treat people, care for animals and many others.

It is believed that a mitzvah helps make you a better person and the world a better place. At HHA we agree! A group of delightful girls, Mel (whose recent bat mitzvah resulted in many donations to HHA!), Anood, and Ashlee doing a combination school project/mitzvah, raised funds for HHA and brought in a carload of donations.

In addition to the donations, they also sold items donated from TJ Maxx and homemade goodies. Through their selflessness and compassion, these young ladies made life easier for the homeless animals at the Agoura Animal Shelter by giving so much of themselves.

Congratulations to our newest board member

Jan joins the board as associate secretary representing our Agoura Animal Shelter cat population. Jan has volunteered both in the dog and cat kennels at the shelter and tho she has retired from professional life, she is certainly full time with her volunteer life! Jan helps with vet runs, works in the cat kennels weekly, and has been a strong supporter of HHA. We are very much looking forward to having her on the HHA board!

We say good bye to friend and board member Trina who, though no longer on the board, will continue to support HHA via our next Hamburger Mary's fundraising event. Trina served for three years as both as one of our VPs and subsequently treasurer. She has passed on the books to current board member Christina. Trina will be missed by her HHA board colleagues and those who worked with her at the Agoura Animal Shelter. We thank her for her years of service to HHA and the fur faces who benefited from her love and kindness.

Two WineYard tasting events benefit HHA!

Wolf Creek Restaurant & Brewing Company
1948 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Hours :
Sunday & Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Thursday - 2:00 -9:00 pm
Friday - 2:00 - 10:00 pm
Saturday - 12:00 - 10:00 pm

Malibu Pet Companions recently held two very successful fundraising wine tasting events at the WineYard in Thousand Oaks. Owners Lisa and Stacy could not have been more accommodating and we so very much appreciate their generosity!

Maureen, an Agoura Animal Shelter volunteer coordinated our first event held on Dec 8th. She wanted to do something for HHA and pulled off an amazing event very last minute. Donated pizza (by Maureen), baked goods from Agoura volunteers, and good wine provided by the WineYard was shared by all raising a total of $1600 for the evening! Thanks Maureen!

Tim, one of our board members and his wife Janice coordinated our second event on January 19th. Over 60 people attended and enjoyed good wine and food generously donated by Ray and Elise Magallanes owners of Senor Pansas Taco Truck. Agoura Volunteers provided the delicious baked goods! A wonderful raffle was also included along with some fun jewelry and dog ceramics for purchase. A total of $3525 was raised! Thanks Tim and Janice!

The Board thanks the WineYard, Lisa ,Stacy, Maureen, Tim. Janice, Ray, Elise, and all those who attended for their support of HHA! Please stay tuned for future WineYard tasting events! We had so much fun we are planning on one a quarter!

Congratulations to our two newest board members!

Christina joins us as Assoc Secretary bringing with her a wonderful can do approach for all things HHA! She volunteers weekly in the Agoura Shelter kennels and also in the shelter clinic assisting with pre and post surgical prep needs. She has quickly jumped in to help in all areas of HHA needs including grants and fundraising.

Tim joins us as 2nd VP and tho he has just joined the board has already been a very strong supporter of Malibu Pet Companions organizing many successful fundraising events benefiting HHA. Tim volunteers weekly in the Agoura Animal Shelter kennels and has enthusiastically taken on many tasks in his new role serving on the non profit board.

We wish to thank Karla and Pattie for their participation as board members for the past few years. Both will be sorely missed having brought a wonderful spirit of giving and dedication to the non profit. Their continued support of HHA is very much appreciated as both carve out new roles as honorary board and committee members.

Holiday Re:Tail benefits HHA!

Our Holiday Boutique despite being rained out one day and spending another day all day in the rain was incredibly successful! We raised just over $5000! Thanks to everyone who supported our boutique either through donations to the boutique to sell or buying some of the amazing items for sale including beautiful wood art pieces that are still available if you have some one on your gift list who would love one of these one of a kind pieces lathed from recycled wood. Pls contact or call (818) 483-4228

The homeless Agoura Shelter animals thank you as well!

Get your paws on the purrfect goodies at the Holiday Gift Boutique benefitting HHA. Make no bones about it, you'll find pawsitively the right gifts for all the animal lovers on your list, including:

  • One-of-a-kind cards featuring our very own shelter animals
  • Beautifully handcrafted art fashioned from reclaimed wood
  • Top-of-the-line, yummy dog treats
  • Ceramic bowls made to bring joy to any pet family and beauty to any home

Prices are affordable and 100% of all sales goes to HHA and helps fund medical care for our homeless pets. For your friends who don't know the shelter address: The Shelter is located at 29525 Agoura Road in Agoura Hills.

This is one Tail of a Holiday Sale you won't want to miss.

Avoid a real CATastrophe this holiday season: Shop from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on:

  • Saturday, November 17
  • Saturday, December 1
  • Saturday, December 8

Happy Shopping!