Kids Taking Action for HHA!

Levi Morris Helps create a Cat Café and it's a Purrfect Success!

HHA is deeply thankful for our incredibly supportive community. Recently we saw someone go above and beyond in showing support – a 5th grader! That's right, 5th grader Levi Morris is one of our very special supporters.

While visiting Japan, Levi had seen cat cafés. These are places where people can reserve time to spend with the cats that live there. Levi, who is a huge animal lover, came up with the idea of creating a cat café at the Agoura Animal Shelter. What a great way to raise awareness for the cats waiting to be adopted and a unique way to support HHA!

With the help of Levi's mom and the HHA Board, The Agoura Cat Café was born. On October 3rd, 2015, we set up tables loaded with homemade goodies and drinks for sale. There were café tables, an art table, tours of the shelter and of course, the opportunity to hang out in the Habicat. The Bunny Lady made sure everyone got the chance to hold the baby bunnies. Even our goats Willow and Skippy made an appearance!

Lots of visitors had fun at the café, and Levi hit his goal of raising at least $1,000 for HHA. In fact, everyone enjoyed it so much, we may do it again in the spring! Thank you, Levi! You are an amazing kid!

Bake Sale Raises Funds to Help Medically Needy Animals

These adorable girls, Sydnie and Giulia, took it upon themselves to have a bake sale at their local park to raise money for our shelter and HHA. They did all of the planning, baking, and selling on their own. Both girls and parents came into the shelter today with their donation, requesting a photo with an "official" representative of the shelter, and KA Alvin was happy to volunteer. Way to go, girls!

Girl Scout Troop 33 earns their bronze award with donations to MPC and the Agoura Animal Shelter :: August 2013

Girl Scout Troop 33 took on as their project MPC and the Agoura Animal Shelter to help them earn their Bronze award. The girls raised $440 for MPC and brought in many donations for the pets housed at the shelter. Way to go girls! Big Thanks to Sophia, Lucy, Kelly, Kaila, Alexis, Melanie, Tess, Julia, Angelina, Evelina, and their troop leader Kim. We very much appreciate your efforts!

Board member Tamy thanks the girls of Troop 33 for their donations!

Board member Tamy thanks the girls of Troop 33 for their donations!

Together Sisters Share the Gift of Giving

About a year ago, Lila Dubois, 10, toured the Agoura Animal Shelter with her scout group. It was then she learned about the life of homeless pets. That very day, she began collecting donations so that she could make their lives happier while they lived at the shelter. Her younger sister Rose, 7, helped out, too.

The girls raised money by having family and friends put out donation boxes at their work places. And they used their own allowance to buy toys and treats.

It took them about a year, but proudly these sweet young ladies raised $263. And with smiles that lit up everyone's face, it was delivered in a shoebox that contained a lot of change and singles, a few fives and twenties.

Lila (lower left) and Rose Dubois (lower right) pose with Jan Owen, president of Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA), and (left) Robin Kahrs, president of MPC (right), and MPC pup Roxy. Roxy has benefitted from both groups: MPC covered her surgery and FOHA paid for her special dietary food.


School Project Goes to the Dogs!

Fureverluv A delightful 8th grader named Alec Neimand decided to combine his two passions – baking and animals—into a community service project. He found two healthy dog treat recipes (made with sesame seeds and peanut butter) and set the oven to preheat. Then he dedicated it to MPC.

Alec toasted wheat germ, grated fresh lemon and individually packaged six dozen healthy dog treats. He then sold his baked goods -- raising $100 for MPC! Alec also delivered healthy cookies to the shelter for all the pups to enjoy!

What a BIG hit! Not only did the dogs love them, but the humans did too! The treats smelled so good that many volunteers and our Kennel Attendant on duty tried them – and they liked them! (Okay maybe not as much as the dogs did.) It was a wonderful treat with everyone wagging their tails and barking for more!


Pennies for Pounds Support MPC

Fureverluv Pennies for Pounds is a charity started by a delightful animal loving 9-year-old named Grace Berry in an effort to raise money for no kill shelters in So. California. A while back she went to deliver a donation of $79.53 to the Agoura Animal Shelter where she heard about all of the great things MPC is doing for animals in need . The story warmed her heart so much she chose MPC for that $79.53 donation and it motivated her to try to meet or beat it.

Grace's 4th fundraising event was held on Saturday, Sept. 9 in Oxnard and was part of her neighborhood's very large annual garage sale.

The garage sale went great! She got a lot of foot traffic and Grace told everyone looking for a good bargain know that she was raising money for MPC and what our organization's mission was.

It definitely led to more sales and donations. Proudly she beat her goal and Pennies for Pounds raised $360!


Out of the Mouths of Babes, Comes a Priceless Gift

FureverluvAt nine years of age, Annalisa Whale (back row with blue bow in her hair) showed MPC and the homeless pets at the Agoura Animal Shelter how delightful and truly selfless a child can be. Annalisa was about to celebrate her birthday and instead of receiving gifts, she asked her family and friends to give those gifts to our shelter animals instead.

So on a very sunny and fun-filled Sunday morning, 10 of her closest friends joined this very special little lady for a birthday party to remember. . . .one filled with a scavenger hunt, a shelter tour, and lots of tail wags, gentle kisses and purring!

The party was a smashing success. The kids had a ball, the cats and dogs received food, toys and treats, and Annalisa and her family donated $125 to benefit our precious critters.

Thank you Annalisa for your thoughtfulness and kindness.


Go Girl Power!

Seventeen girls from Junior Girl Scout Troop 4035 came to the Agoura Shelter for an educational tour where they learned about homeless pets and MPC's work. Upon learning about the various medical needs of the shelter animals, they decided to host a pet donation drive and fundraise while earning their Brownie Quest Badge!

The girls collected donations at their schools and held a bake sale at Malibu Coast Animal Hospital. When they returned to present MPC with their donations and to receive their Badge, they had collected bags and bags of food, toys, blankets, treats, towels and everything in between. And on top of that -- collected over $88!

Your Change Can Change the Life of a Homeless Pet

But that wasn't good enough for Troop 4035 and their Girl Power continues. They are currently involved in our "Your Change Can Change the Life of a Homeless Pet" program and all 17 girls are individually collecting change to fill our MPC branded piggy bank.

"You just can't believe how quickly the change adds up;" says Troop Leader Lori Beckwith. "The girls are so proud when they fill the piggy bank each week. They know their change is making a difference in the lives of sick and homeless pets. What this program has taught them is invaluable. I recommend it to everyone."

If you are interested in participating in our Your Change Can Change the Life of a Homeless Pet Program, please email today!

Scouting for a Home

When Katie Messner and her Junior Girl Scout Troop came to the shelter for a tour, they decided to turn their passion for homeless animals into a cause. With the help of their troop leaders and shelter volunteer Helen Hartel, they organized an event called "Scouting for a Home" to advocate for the adoption of animals from the shelter and to raise money for Malibu Pet Companions.

The Scouting for a Home event was held on Saturday, September 25th in Thousand Oaks and was attended by over 100 people. The event included a presentation on dog training by Trainer Rob Lerner, agility demonstrations, a silent auction, raffles and dog contests including best smile, best tail wag, best trick and many others. The girls ran the show from start to finish and raised almost $1500 for Malibu Pet Companions. Thanks so much, Troop 60244, for caring for animals and helping them scout for a home!