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Volunteering through the HHA

Since our organization serves the homeless pet population at the Agoura Animal Shelter, those wishing to volunteer with HHA must be registered as an official volunteer with the LA County Animal Care and Control. Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age and be covered by medical insurance.

For information on volunteering with the Agoura Animal Shelter you can print out an application below:

Too young to be an official volunteer?

You can still help the animals at the shelter! Consider any (or all!) of these ideas:

  • Set up a lemonade or bake sale stand in your neighborhood or school to raise money for the shelter.
  • Bake yummy, healthy treats for the animals.
  • Make kitty toys for the cats at the shelter.
  • Make "bunny gardens" for the bunnies at the shelter.
  • Do your Mitzvah for the animals at the shelter.
  • Do a good deed as a Boy Scout or Girl Scout.
  • Pick up a donation list from the shelter at:
    • Agoura Animal Shelter (map)
    • 29525 Agoura Road
    • Agoura Hills, CA 91362
  • Send us an e-mail:


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HHA Success Stories

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